Dr. Jonathan Alan Nourse

Education:                                                                                                Contact Information:

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines  1983      Department of Geological Sciences

Master of Science in Geology, California Institute of Technology  1985               California State Polytechnic University

Doctor of Philosophy in Geology, California Institute of Technology  1989           3801 W. Temple Avenue

                                                                                                                                                         Pomona, CA 91768

Faculty Positions at Cal Poly Pomona                                                                                 

Full-Time Lecturer   1989-2002                                                                                   Telephone:  (909) 869-3460                      

Associate Professor  2003-2007                                                                                     Office: Bldg 8, Room 242C

Professor of Geology  2007-present                                                                              janourse@cpp.edu

Chair of Geological Sciences Department 2009--present 




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Geology Core courses taught by Dr. Nourse:

      (GSC 325, GSC 333, GSC 360, GSC 444, GSC 499)

General Ed-Service courses taught by Dr. Nourse:

      (GSC 116, GSC 321, GSC 350, SCI 212)

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Proterozoic basement geology of the NW Sonora-SW Arizona border region

Geological mapping and fault reconstructions in the San Gabriel Mountains and NE Los Angeles basin

Stream flow and hydrogeology of  the San Gabriel Mountains

Conglomerates near Puddingstone Reservoir

Tertiary extension in northern Sonora, Mexico

Late Jurassic pull-apart basins in northern Sonora and southern Arizona


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Honors, Degrees, and Awards

**Ames Research Award, College of Science,   California State Polytechnic University, 2003

**Distinguished Teaching Award, College of Science,   California State Polytechnic University, 2001

**Outstanding Senior in Geology, Colorado School of Mines, 1983