2004 GSC 360 Field Trips

 San Antonio Creek and Icehouse Canyon

    Welcome to the GSC 360 webpage!  Throughout the winter 2004 quarter we have been provided with an overview of groundwater interactions with solid earth materials.  We have learned fundamental mass balance and flow equations that can be applied to practical groundwater problems, as well as aquifer yields and groundwater exploration in different geological terrains.  These concepts were applied to field exercises performed within the Mount San Antonio Basin.

    Upper Icehouse Canyon and Lower San Antonio Creek field trip.  Our excursion on January 10, 2004 to Upper Icehouse Canyon and Lower San Antonio Creek gave us the opportunity to become familiar with measuring stream flow.  This trip introduced us to the Flow Meter and it's functions, as well as how to derive the stream channel's area with a yard stick and a tape measure.  A rectangular weir was also observed and measured.   

    Upper San Antonio Creek and Manker Creek Confluence field trip.  On January 29, 2004 we continued our stream flow measurements, only this time we focused on the Upper San Antonio Creek and Manker Creek Confluence.  This trip yielded a view of the San Antonio Falls, Catalina Island, and an example of groundwater flow under some moss covered rocks.  The calculations derived from this trip were compared and analyzed with historical data gathered in the Mt. Baldy area by our instructor and former GSC 360 students.

Click here for alternative report of the Upper San Antonio field trip, containing links to hydrology/weather web sites


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View the senior thesis of Van Vathanasin (1999) to learn more

about the hydrology of Big Dalton and San Dimas drainage basins